The A List with Alison Lebovitz

Ruth Holmberg, Season 4 Episode 7

Season 4, Episode 7

Host Alison Lebovitz visits the home of Chattanooga history maker, Ruth Holmberg.  Most of us probably know of the enormous contribution this remarkable woman has made in our community.  Since moving to Chattanooga in 1946, she's dedicated her time, advocacy and funding to the arts, public education, downtown beautification and civil rights.  In this very special interview, we'll learn about the path she took to success.  Hear her stories about growing up in New York City, her years overseas with the Red Cross during World War II, and her move to the south to follow in her grandfather's footsteps in newspaper publishing history.

The A List with Alison Lebovitz
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The A List with Alison Lebovitz
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The A List with Alison Lebovitz
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The A List with Alison Lebovitz
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