The A List with Alison Lebovitz


Produced locally by WTCI-TV (PBS), The A List with Alison Lebovitz is an engaging one-on-one weekly interview series that features local and national personalities. "I like to say this show isn't issue driven, it's people driven," said Alison Lebovitz, host of the show. "It's about sitting down with fascinating individuals and getting to know them, one on one, up close and personal. And hopefully the viewers will get to see what I have seen - a unique look into the lives of some very unique people."

"WTCI is committed to offering unique local programming because, as a PBS station, our connection within the community is what makes us different and vital to the members who support us," said Paul Grove, President & CEO of WTCI-TV (PBS). "The A List with Alison Lebovitz is an exciting weekly series that invites viewers to listen in on conversations with creative and engaging individuals who have made an impact locally and nationally."

The A List with Alison Lebovitz airs weekly on Thursday nights at 8:30 pm.

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Jane Pauley, Journalist   


Rachel Held Evans, Author/Blogger  


Ben Vereen, Tony Award-winning actor  


Susan Packard, Co-Founder, Scripps Networks Interactive  


Jimmy Wayne, Singer/Songwriter   


Joan Cronan, University of Tennessee Women's Athletic Director Emeritus  


Leon Fleisher, renowned pianist and conductor    


Jonathan Taplin, Director, Annenberg Innovation Lab   


Part two of our season finale with country music legend Naomi Judd   

Naomi Judd thumbnail

Naomi Judd, country music singer / songwriter

Steve Thomas thumbnail

Steve Thomas, Home Renovation Expert & Habitat for Humanity Spokesman

Bill Dedman thumbnail

Bill Dedman, Investigative Journalist / Author   

Kevin Bate thumbnail

Kevin Bate, Chattanooga muralist   

Wendy Mogel thumbnail

Dr. Wendy Mogel, author, pyschologist and parenting expert

Wes Moore thumbnail

Wes Moore, author and youth advocate

Lawrence Holofcener thumbnail

Lawrence Holofcener, sculptor and songwriter   


Callie Taintor Wiser, documentary filmmaker

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