First Things First


Proven strategies that help parents better manage their child's behavior   


Tips on how to avoid helicopter parenting by setting healthy boundaries.   


The unique challenges of the mother-in-law / daughter-in-law relationship.   


A conversation about how discussions among friends can endanger a marriage  


Gena Ellis talks to Julie about the importance of teaching children about relationships   


Discussions on the important role fathers play in the lives of their children   


A discussion on the importance of fighting for your marriage   


Do your kids ask uncomfortable questions? It's best they hear the answers from you.   


Is traditional dating a thing of the past in the era of social media and online dating?   


The difficulty fathers face staying connected with their children when they're away   


Divorce and the effect it has on children   


Julie discusses the importance of caring for the caregiver with her guest, licensed clinical social worker Amy Boulware   



Preparing for marriage with Dr. David Banks   


The season premiere offers honest conversation about parenting children with special needs   

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Tips on how spouses can be intentional in interactions with children, and with each other.   

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The importance of the family meal is discussed.      

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Ways parents can help their teens avoid risky behavior   

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Relating to in-laws   

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Julie talks to Dawn Jumper of The Etiquette Company about ways parents can teach proper etiquette to their children.   

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Julie talks to Teresa Wade at the SportsBarn about ways parents can ensure their kids are healthy.   

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Learning effective money management with college students Adrienne Beckham and Allie Walker and financial coach Laura Coleman.   

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Julie discusses the complex relationship between mothers and daughters with psychologist Beth Capecchi.   

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Host Julie Baumgardner discusses the importance of reading with your child with Linda McReynolds of Project Ready for School.   


Protecting your child from gangs    

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Developing skills that benefit career and family   


Tips to help fathers stay connected to children with Willie Richardson and Todd Agne, Fathering Coordinators for First Things First.   

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Psychologist and educator Dr. Susan Hickman on healthy and successful ways to discipline your child.   

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Host Julie Baumgardner sits down with Jayne Griffin, Director of Education at the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga to discuss the importance of play in childhood development.


The Importance of Fathering

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Boundaries in Marriage

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Foster Grandparents

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Raising Truly Great Kids

FTF 606 thumb

Self Esteem and Body Image




Going the Distance



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Parenting Teens

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The Journey of Fatherhood

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