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The Address

The Gettysburg Address has been called the two most historic minutes in the history of American speeches.  Ken Burns has produced a documentary that inspires with the powerful story of the speech, its history and how it is used to help students with disabilities overcome adversity.  WTCI has joined a national initiative to collect recitations of The Gettysburg Address and is hosting several interactive, online OVEE screenings of this impactful documentary.

PBS KIDS GO! Writers Contest

This contest is a terrific way to introduce new and emerging readers to the world of telling stories.  Open to children from Kingergarten to 3rd grade this national contest invites children and families to join PBS and a lifetime of learning and exploration.  Explore PBS resources and have fun with games and apps designed to guide you and your child through the process of telling stories!  WTCI holds an annual local contest and awards prizes to the top winners in each grade category.  A host of local celebrity judges, activities and resfreshments make this evening fun for everyone!

Our all-star panel of judges will be meeting soon!  Stay tuned for exciting news about this year's winners.

Summer Camps
Exploration Wednesday offers programs for children of all ages.  From parent and child sessions to elementary ages and pre-teen programming WTCI hosts weekly summer sessions that combine PBS KIDS, NOVA and American Experience programming with media lab activities, Ready to Learn programming, science activities and green screen and behind-the-scenes production activites.

Field Trips
Join us at WTCI for field trips, group workshops and school tours.  WTCI customizes explorations of PBS at our station for groups of students of all ages, from pre-school to seniors.  We tour the station, use the Media Lab and iPad stations, explore PBS LearningMedia resources and PBS KIDS apps.  Each camper uses science and art in games and actvities that introduce them to people and places in their region and beyond, opening doors that can brighten futures.

Please email us here to schedule a field trip for your school, group or organization.

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