WTCI Debuts "Our Family," A New Greater Chattanooga Episode

Our Family, a new installment in the Greater Chattanooga series, premieres online Tuesday, October 27th and on-air Friday, October 30th.  This powerful story will introduce you to a fascinating inventor, an incredible family and an innovative agency serving people with disabilities in our community.  

Ezra and Kelly both worked at Signal Centers, an agency working to strengthen children, adults and families through services focusing on disabilities, early childhood education and self-sufficiency.  Their love grew and they began folding children with disabilities into their family, adopting four children from countries where their chances of survival were minimal. 

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans have a disability and of the estimated 48.9 million disabled Americans at least 34.2 million report functional limitations.  Innovations and advances in technology have opened the door to opportunity for many of these citizens and inventors like Ezra Reynolds are at the forefront of those advances.  Using the affordable technology of 3-D printing, Ezra, an engineer and design specialist, builds assistive technology devices that improve life and foster independence for clients at Signal Centers, limited now only by what he can imagine.  When their adopted son, Andrew, born without hands or feet, faces challenges today he does so with the new life, freedom and independence that his family’s love and his father’s inventive imagination have created.

Greater Chattanooga is a short film series that explores the people and ideas that make us all more aware, happier, and stronger as a community.  Viewers can find these online videos both through and, as well as watching on-the-go with phones, computers and tablets via YouTube, Facebook and the websites.  At home our viewers can also enjoy these films on their HD televisions using products like Apple TV and Roku and the free, easy-to-use PBS app.

WTCI broadcast viewers enjoy interstitials that preview these stories throughout the on-air schedule, followed by a message directing them to see the complete films online at On October 30thth at 8:30 PM, several of these short films will be a part of a half-hour broadcast, including “Our Family,” The Leap story about LAUNCH and a new story about the Mobile Market providing fresh food options in the food deserts in our community.  Monthly, viewers can tune in on-air to the broadcast to see a variety of topics addressed, including arts and culture, business and news & public affairs.

Since the series debuted, Greater Chattanooga has explored fascinating stories of innovation, entrepreneurial vision, history and culture from around this region.  “Blood Assurance is proud to support WTCI’s series, Greater Chattanooga, that tells the stories of this area,” said Blood Assurance’s VP of Marketing, Charlie Callari.  “Just as we connect donors to recipients, so does this series connect people through the power of storytelling.” 

WTCI serves over 400,000 households in 35 counties, educating, engaging and inspiring exploration through trusted, quality programming and community and education outreach. This series is made possible by support from sponsors, including Blood Assurance and EPB Fiber Optics.  Please visit or contact Shaun Townley @ 423-702-7821 for information about supporting the series. 

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