Message from WTCI President and CEO

My fellow WTCI Members and Supporters,

Summer is a wonderful time to live in the Tennessee Valley.  Since we are in the crossroads of the South, a family can launch toward exciting adventures in any direction and, at WTCI, we are proud to be a part of your family.

WTCI makes the world more accessible for every family.  You might not be able to travel to foreign lands, deep space or under water but WTCI can take you there. I love it when families share with me that they watched “Southern Accents with Karen Elliott” to help decide what adventures to take in our region and the “Bluegrass Underground” series introduces families to great music amid the region’s fascinating underground landscape.

PBS programming can take you and your family to national stages and far away worlds.  As President of this community organization, I am proud to celebrate WTCI’s hard-working team. Our talented producers tell the stories of this region, introducing you to the people and the places that make it so unique. 

In addition to our local ongoing series, WTCI produced a special one-hour documentary to the community. “From the Streets to the Stage” illustrates the Chattanooga spirit of community in a powerful story of a young man whose will and determination to succeed continues to inspire today’s youth. Our new series, “Greater Chattanooga,” is available online and on-air and has told some of our area’s most powerful stories this year, celebrating innovation, diversity, arts and community.

You make it possible for us to bring you the national programming, educational programming and local stories that you depend on.  Your financial contribution funds the productions you love, supports educational resources and the community partnerships that you and your family enjoy.

Now, more than ever, we are proud to offer our members more than just a tote bag!  Today’s WTCI members receive subscriptions to the station’s Viewfinder and the Chattanooga Magazine and $60/year members receive a WTCI Passport activation code too, allowing access to thousands of hours of PBS and local WTCI content online, on-demand.

Join us and be a part of our mission to educate, inform and inspire a lifetime of learning and exploration!


Paul Grove
President and CEO
Proud Member of WTCI

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